Design and Programming
More Than Just A Pretty Face

There's no such thing as a "web page" anymore. Your online home is the hub for ALL your activity. It's the traffic cop sending the right people to the right places. We give you an incredible level of control over how you present your content. Sophisticated content filters, robust layout modes and options, integration with multiple content providers, and a streamlined no-nonsense interface all contribute to a powerful yet user friendly experience from start to finish.

Turn to us for ...

  • Website and Microsite Design
  • Syndicating Multiple Content Providers
  • Integrating Social Media and Blog Networks
  • User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)
  • Custom Content Display
  • Applications for Multiple Access Levels

Wondering if we can build a site that does "that thing you like"? You don't have to know what it's called, we're used to those kinds of questions. Just ask. Helping you visualize what's possible is - by far - our favorite thing to do!

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Responsive Design
Included, Not Extra and Part of The Process, Not An Afterthought

Ever get frustrated using a website on a mobile device? We do. Chances are the site was designed for a computer, not a tablet or smartphone. Lucky for you, responsive design is where we SHINE. To see what we mean by responsive design, just check out our website on any device. Rather than click, we've implemented touch events to allow you to 'swipe' to change tabs, headlines, features and lists.


Digital Collateral

Aggregate your rich media - Webcasts, podcasts, video, research, forums, case studies, white papers and more - into comprehensive resource that reflects your subject matter expertise. Media centers, when used as landing pages for inbound marketing campaigns, make for terrific traffic drivers that search engines and prospects will love. Enable easy social sharing and your valuable content will go viral, delivering higher engagement than traditional advertising while also increasing brand awareness. From sales support and user education to product release materials, we can deliver clearly and concisely communicated product value.

Visual Identity

It takes a clear visual strategy to break through in a noisy market. Visual identity is a valuable tool, but only when it reflects your brand's personality. It needs to express a coherent and compelling idea. Get it right and you'll send a clear signal about your company's positioning. That's why we always start with your business and your values. With the right strategy in place, we craft a visual identity that's appropriate, relevant and generates the business results you want.

Not Just A Pretty Face
The perfect marriage of design and SEO


  • Bold Typography
    Each color's name was carefully chosen to evoke a distinct style or region. We present the names as a primary page feature using slight embossing for the typography.
  • Image Framing
    Literally! Each color's page is anchored by an image of a finished piece framed as if in a scrapbook.
  • Context
    Color descriptions are kept relatively short, but the text is enough to give it personality with keywords sprinkled in for SEO optimization.
  • Source-Ordered Columns
    A highly complex mainbody layout scenario can conflict with SEO efforts. Our custom coding ensures that search engines zero in on the color description when indexing.
  • Conversion
    Interested browsers can easily be converted to customers with two calls to action: Buy and/or Attend A Workshop.
  • Complimentary Colors
    We answer this frequent question before its even asked, and link to the complimentary color's page.


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